3 Tips to For Underdeck Drainage Success

Unlock the full potential of your deck with a quality drain system! Everything from keeping your surface dry and free from water damage to delivering a customizable, functional space underneath can be yours. Here are three tips for ensuring success when it comes to underdeck drainage:

Choose the best package for your home

Consider your needs, the tradeoffs, and the ultimate purpose of the installation when determining which underdeck drainage system is right for you, your family, and your deck.

With an underdeck system, you have the choice of installing it from either above or below your deck. Both solutions offer a dry and functional space beneath your deck; however, mounting it on top makes installation easier since gravity works in its favor while keeping the joists dry at all times.

Optimally crafted for new deck builds, these panels are affixed to the joists before any boards are secured. This effectively catches rainwater that falls through your deck’s surface while simultaneously providing protection against moisture and decay of your frame.

Measure first, cut once

Our underdeck roofing systems are the ideal solution for decks of all shapes and sizes: they arrive with easy-to-understand instructions that make it simple to get your project going. Plus, our representatives can help you identify what type of system is best suited for your deck—all you need are a few measurements (and drawings if possible). With this combination in hand, success will be well within reach!

Consider hiring a pro

With the right equipment and a can-do attitude, your DIY weekend water diversion project will be an immense success. That being said, enlisting the help of a contractor might prove to be even more advantageous by saving you time as well as money. Furthermore, having it done professionally gives you peace of mind knowing that your drainage system was expertly installed with assurance from the contractor themselves who may also provide further home improvement services in future if needed.

Ready to turn your lower patio into a spectacular entertaining outdoor space or storage area? Rainaway has been assisting homeowners with underdecking installation for years. Contact us today to learn more about our underdeck system.

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