5 Great Ways to Light Your Outdoor Enclosures

Everyone enjoys getting some fresh air and enjoying the outdoors with friends and family. But there’s no reason that quality time has to end when the sun goes down! Here are a some ways to light your outdoor enclosures to stay out for longer:

Outdoor lighting is both an aesthetic choice and a practical one. Before you decide on your outdoor lights, you should make sure the fixture is suited for the area. Wattage and bulb base requirements vary for different types of outdoor lighting fixtures, and must have either a wet or a damp rating to be safe for outdoor use.

Overhead lighting — When it comes to ambient lighting, one great option is overhead lighting. Hanging string lights also work well to give a cozy atmosphere.

Wall lighting — Installing some wall sconces will definitely add to the ambiance of your outdoor area. It can also help define the borders of your outdoor space.

Task lighting — Make sure you can see properly for playing games or grilling! Targeted fixtures can give you the direct light you need.

Accent lighting — Low-level accent lights are great to define areas and highlight areas where you might misstep.

Ceiling fans — There are many outdoor fans that include lights, but it may not be as aesthetically pleasing compared to other lighting types.

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