The Best Deck Skirting Materials You Can Use

deck skirting

There are many things to consider when adding an elevated deck to your home, but one of the most important is the deck skirting. Skirting can help improve the look of your deck and expand your outdoor space. Read below for some great ideas on how to select the best skirting for your home improvement project.

What Is Deck Skirting?

Deck skirting is a material, typically wood or metal, that surrounds the lower perimeter of your deck’s substructure. It visually closes off and hides the underside of the deck while also serving functional purposes such as providing storage or keeping animals out from under the deck.

Before you make any decisions, look at all your options! Here’s what you should know before you turn your deck into a screened-in porch.

Best Deck Skirting Materials

Before you look for skirting materials, it’s helpful to understand the types that are commonly used. After that, you can choose something basic and inexpensive or a combination of unique materials depending on what appearance you want.

Wood Lattice

One of the most popular skirting materials is traditional wooden lattice. The lattice skirting technique involves overlapping wood panels to create a grid of square openings, providing both concealment and ventilation under the deck. Although it requires fewer materials and is therefore less expensive than solid wood skirting, it is typically not as durable.


Metal deck skirtings are a great choice for low maintenance and durability. They also help keep animals out, provide extra storage space, and promote good ventilation with panels. If you’re aiming for an industrial or modern aesthetic, metal skirting could be the right fit for you.


For a more permanent and weather-resistant skirt, try bricks. They’ll add value to your home while complementing your deck perfectly. Although DIY installation is possible, it might be difficult for some people and therefore require hiring professional help, making this one of the pricier options.


Composite deck skirting is a stronger material made by combining two or more building materials, typically plastic or wood fiber and concrete. It has a wooden texture and is weather and stain-resistant, lasting much longer than traditional wood.

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