Deck Transformations in Georgia From The Rainaway Professionals

Oh, that Georgia summer swelter. And rain. Oh, that steamy heat.

That’s the perfect recipe for a wood deck’s enemy – mold.

This is a problem always best dealt with upon discovery. It won’t get better by itself and ultimately you might still need a professional for complete remediation. Often, however, cleansing your deck of mold can be a DIY job.

Wet the deck lightly with a hose. Spray the deck with a bleach mixture to kill mold and mildew. You will want to add about ¾ cup of bleach to a gallon of water in a bucket. After rinsing the deck surface with water, apply the bleach mixture using a long-handled scrubbing brush. Reapply as necessary to keep the deck surface wet for five minutes. Then rinse. One other note – be mindful of plants below and cover them if you can. Once you’ve finished rinsing the deck, water the plants.

Next, sand the deck so that you may then apply an oil-based wood sealer. You will be amazed at how the shine returns. These simple steps can clear up a problem before it becomes one and should last up to five years. This treatment helps the deck repel water, which lessens the likelihood of mold.

If your mold issue is more serious (graying boards, splintering or cracking), then it is probably long-standing and the result of improper care and maintenance. Let’s not let this go any further, though. This might be the time to hire a contractor who specializes in mold removal and deck restoration. As long as the deck has not been begun to rot, it can be returned to a state of beauty.

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