How to Extend Your Deck’s Lifespan

It’s quickly approaching fall – we hope you’ve gotten plenty of mileage out of your deck this summer! Although there’s still plenty of warm weather to enjoy left, it’s always a good time to take good care of your deck. After all, you’ll want to enjoy it for years and years to come.

At Rainaway Under Deck Systems, we’re all too familiar with the sight of a dilapidated and unusable deck. With proper care and attention, a deck can be a beautiful accent in your backyard while providing the perfect space to relax and entertain. Keep reading to see our three surefire ways to extend your deck’s lifespan!

1. Sweep and clean your deck regularly.

Perhaps the easiest way to maintain your deck is to brush or rinse off leaves, dirt, and other outdoor detritus often. This debris can stain the wood. Leave it too long, and you will be forced to power wash, which may ruin the deck’s finish.

2. Use the best sealant or stain possible.

Speaking of your deck’s finish, a premier sealant or stain will protect the wood from rot, sun, foot traffic, and more. Every deck is different, so we suggest consulting a professional to determine the finish that would work best for you.

3. Protect your deck from moisture.

While a good finish will go some way towards protecting your deck from water damage, an under deck drainage system will ensure that your deck dries quickly. At the same time, it keeps the area under your deck clean and dry for storage, entertainment, or whatever else you may use the space for. Professionally-installed under deck drainage systems can also support ceiling fans, porch swings, lighting, and other amenities!

To learn more about Rainaway Under Deck Systems and how we can enhance and protect your deck, contact us online or call us at (770) 928-7246 today! We specialize in dry below deck systems, dry underdeck systems, underdeck drainage systems and basement waterproofing.

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