What Makes RainAway Under Deck Systems Different?


RainAway Under Deck Systems has been creating dry spaces under second story decks for over 20 years in the Atlanta Metro Area. But aside from our experience, why choose RainAway over other Under Deck Systems?

Having been in the industry since it’s inception since 1995, we have researched and tested just about every possible avenue of water diversion. When we came out with the ventilated smooth panel system, we knew there was nothing else in existence like it. Allowing airflow and ventilation is vital to the life of the joist structure and of the deck. While our system does have the patent pending custom brackets for extra support, the panels can be taken down for general maintenance or other needs. Over the years, there have been numerous other companies and contractors who have attempted to beautify and dry out the area under decks. We strongly recommend that you do extensive research with any contractor who works on your home.

Under Deck Systems by RainAway attach a ceiling on the underside of your deck. The RainAway Under Deck System drains water away from the house and into a gutter system which leads to the downspout. Our roof is a ceiling under your deck, which keeps it dry and clean for entertaining, storage, and many other uses. With patented ventilation ports, as well as patented support brackets, RainAway Under Deck System is not only the most attractive and durable system available, it also offers the only true “top-to-bottom” air flow deck drain system.The other systems on the market just attach a ceiling under the deck. It lacks an airflow space and water flow process. This will cause your deck to age quickly. There is just no comparison with to other Under Deck Systems on the market.

Our project managers and certified installers will be able to guide you every step of the way and you’ll be enjoying your new outdoor space in no time. Because we’ve been installing RainAway Under Deck Systems in the Atlanta area for more than 20 years, there’s nothing we haven’t seen. No surprises just a beautiful new living space for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

We provide our customers with a lifetime warranty that the other companies can’t match. The other systems on the market can’t compare to what we offer. If you are interested in having an underdeck installed at your home, then give RainAway a call today at (770) 928-7246. We use the highest quality of specially designed materials and a lifetime warranty!


RainAway Under Deck Systems

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