New Underdeck Trends In 2020

The beginning of a new decade is a great time to reevaluate what is popular and fashionable. At RainAway we take pride in offering the highest quality underdeck drainage systems, so we are always trying to stay ahead of the trends. Read below to learn more about how you can stay ahead of the curve.


Outdoor Lounging Is In

We’ve noticed a significant upward trend in the popularity of outdoor spaces designed for relaxing and spending quality time by yourself or with family. These spaces can often do double duty as party and event space, but all of the above benefit greatly from an exceptional underdeck drainage system from RainAway. Our systems are designed to give you exceptional rain protection and state of the art drying speeds thanks to our unique ventilation system. We specialize in dry below deck systems, dry underdeck systems, underdeck drainage systems and basement waterproofing. 


Well Furnished Outdoor Spaces

One of the major appeals of covered outdoor spaces is the ability to enjoy the ambiance of nature alongside the comfort of quality furniture and furnishings. Many new homeowners greatly value the ability to extensively furnish their outdoor spaces, but some weather conditions can make this a risky proposition. By protecting your underdeck space with our drainage systems, you can feel safe putting out the nice cushions and chairs, even during less than stellar weather. Sit outside and enjoy the comfort of quality furniture without fear in 2020! 


Outdoor Technologies Are On the Rise

The popularity of outdoor TVs and sound systems has grown as the quality of weather-resistant technology has grown. This is great news for those who like to watch the game outside on a summer day, or for those who want to watch movies with a nighttime ambiance. Most commonly, these technological upgrades go hand in hand with the development of underdeck spaces. That’s why we love helping people create comfortable, secure spaces to enjoy the outdoors under our RainAway drainage systems. We’ll keep you and your nice new outdoor TV dry, even in the harshest of downpours.

RainAway Under Deck Systems has been creating dry spaces under second story decks for over 20 years. If you are interested in having an underdeck installed at your Atlanta Metro Area home, call us today at (770) 928-7246.

RainAway Under Deck Systems

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