Patio Trends for 2021

Patio trends come and go. Some will stand but more will be long forgotten. It’s always interesting to see what new options people are considering compared to the year before. Some trends pop up out of nowhere and become the next big thing. Let’s take a look of some of the more popular patio trends for the summer of 2016.

Vibrant Colored Patios

People want to have fun on their patios. What better way to set the mood of having a vibrant colored patio. Bright colors on a patio create an exciting and relaxed environment and it is perfect for any parties or small gathering. Colorful patterns are a great way to make your patio feel bright and fun. Having vibrant colors for your furniture on your patio creates a fantastic look for outdoor parties, barbecues, and special events.

Covered Patios

Some homeowners want to extend their outdoor living space however they do not know how. By including a covered patio, it will allow the homeowner to have the outside feel to the home even if there is inclement weather involved. A covered patio is a place where you can hang out if you don’t want to be exposed to the hot UV rays from the sun and a place where you will not be rained on. Many covered patios also include an outdoor fireplace and bar/kitchen. A covered patio can be used as living room, the only difference is it is outside.

Elegant & Luxurious Patios

People who are looking for a more upscale look are turning to high fashion for inspiration. Elegant and luxurious patios are a popular choice if you have a nice pool on your property. Outdoor daybeds next to the pool are a great way to create an elegant and luxurious look. Pearl white and royal purple are popular color choices for elegant and luxurious styled patios.

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