How to Properly Maintain Your Deck

Properly maintaining your deck is something deck owners should know how to do. There are numerous aspects to keep in mind when cleaning your deck. Many deck owners like to pressure wash their deck which is easily the fastest way to wash your deck however, this is also the easiest way to damage your deck. RainAway Under Deck Systems is here to help you provide you tips on how to clean and maintain your deck properly. Some common elements to keep in mind when maintaining your deck are snow, and ice, UV rays from sun light and mold, mildew, and algae.

Snow and Ice

With winter just around the corner, some decks may see a good amount of snow. The best option to remove snow is to shovel it off. Although shoveling may seem obvious, make sure you are using a plastic shovel and not a steel shovel because steel shovels can damage your deck significantly. For ice, the best way to remove it from your deck is to use an ice melting product. If you try to chip the ice with a shovel, this can really damage your deck which is something no one wants to do.


Whether you like it or not the strong UV rays from the sun may be able to damage your deck. Wood decks may start changing colors while composite decks may start to fade if your deck gets too much exposure from these UV rays. An easy solution to protect your deck from the rays is to get an awning for protection. Awnings are a great addition for any deck owner as it will protect your deck from the strong UV rays.

Mold, Mildew and Algae

Mold, mildew and algae is something no one wants to see on their deck. High end composite decks will make it easy to clean mold, mildew and algae as soap and water will simply do the trick. However lower end composite decks may have a tougher time removing these stains. If you have to clean your deck with a chemical, you should first check with your manufacturer before applying the chemical as chemicals may damage your deck.

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