Are You Protecting Your Deck From A Ledger Board Failure?

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If you ask deck builders what the most common location a deck might collapse, they’ll almost all respond in the same way. Take a look at the ledger board, which connects your deck to the house. So, what causes ledger board failure and how can you prevent it?

Why Is The Ledger Board So Critical?

When wood rot causes the ledger board to fail or screws rust and break down, there’s nothing stopping your deck from collapsing. Almost every ledger board is constructed of treated wood. Any wood that gets wet again and again will eventually decay. There’s frequently a tiny gap between the home and the deck, allowing water to seep down onto the ledger board.

It’s easy for leaves and other material to get trapped in this gap. Because the water can stay wet and sit on the wood, it never has a chance to dry out. The more frequently the wood is damp, the faster it will decay.

How Can You Prevent A Rotten Ledger Board?

Water is the most common cause of wood rot, therefore keeping it from ever getting damp is critical. The only certain method to safeguard the ledger board is to employ waterproof flashing. Watch this movie to see how flashing on the ledger should be done correctly. Installing aluminum flashing is quicker, but it does not entirely cover the ledger board. There’s no point in using non-waterproof flashing.

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