Redecorating Your Deck Space

The summer is a great time to spend some time redecorating your deck or the area below your deck. But redecorating can often be confusing and intimidating, so to help you decide the next best way to play your outdoor space, check out our tips for redecorating your deck this summer!

1. Decide On A Color Scheme

There are so many options and different ways to style and redesign your outdoor space but one of the most crucial decisions that can help you make many decisions later on is deciding on your color scheme. There are a few excellent online tools that can help you find the perfect color palette for any room. Once you have a color scheme you can start finding specific pieces that match your taste and style.

2. Look Around Your House & Backyard For Items to Upcycle

Have an old coffee table that needs refinishing but might not be fit for the living room any more? Consider refinishing it for use in a new outdoor patio set. There are plenty of pieces of furniture around your house that are perfectly suitable for using outside as well. You can save a few dollars and have some fun turning something old into something new!

3. Build to Your Interests, Think Comfy & Cozy

Depending on your amount of outdoor space and how creative you’d like to be, you may have room for things like a built in bar or bench. These are excellent ways of personalizing your outdoor space. Just keep in mind that you’ll always want this entertaining area to be comfy and cozy!

For help turning the underside of your deck into useable outdoor living space, contact Rainaway for more!

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