Turn Underneath Your Porch Into a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space

Your deck area, protected by Rainaway’s Under Deck System, provides a respite from the heat and the elements. Now let’s keep you nice and cool.

How? Can’t always count on a summer breeze. So let’s install a fan.

A fan will keep the air moving and is also decorative. Bear in mind that outdoor spaces require the proper fans.

Some ceiling fans are “damp location rated,” and that tells you they should hold up outdoors where’s little direct rain or water. Your Rainaway Under Deck System keeps runoff away, but wind can bring rain underneath cover. If your covered area is, in the main, not subject to rainfall, this fan ought to work.

For a smaller covered patio, you’ll likely be looking at a “wet location rating” fan. Fans run on electricity and we all know how poorly electricity and water mix. You also want a fan that will not rust, so do not use one that is made for indoors in this vulnerable outdoors spot. Look for stainless steel hardware, sealed vinyl housings and hardened composite blades.

There are plenty of styles of blades, so you’ll have great choices in fitting the fan to your décor.

Fans keep the air moving and cool the folks lounging beneath. They’re a smart and attractive addition to any covered patio, and they will make the rest of the summer and the early fall so much more enjoyable for your outdoor activities.

RainAway Under Deck Systems

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