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Are You Protecting Your Deck From A Ledger Board Failure?

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If you ask deck builders what the most common location a deck might collapse, they’ll almost all respond in the same way. Take a look at the ledger board, which connects your deck to the house. So, what causes ledger board failure and how can you prevent it? Why Is The Ledger Board So Critical?Read More

3 Underdeck Materials and Their Benefits

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Are you thinking about having an underdeck system installed for your GA home? Underdecking is very versatile and can be installed on existing decks and new decks aike. There are many different materials you can use like vinyl, aluminum, and steel. Read on to learn about each type and its benefits and drawbacks. Vinyl VinylRead More

Increase Your Deck’s Potential with an Under Deck

If you have a beautiful deck, but need help with the unsightly space underneath, RainAway has the best solution. For many homeowners, their deck underneath may have water-stained cross boards and cobwebs. Our under deck system can transform the ugly, unused space under your deck into an outdoor living area that’s clean and enjoyable, withoutRead More

Will RainAway Underdeck System Stand Up to Bad Weather?

For homeowners in regions prone to high winds and storms, it is important to make sure that your home and your investments are protected. The RainAway Under Deck system is incredibly strong and will stand up to high winds and inclement weather. Our enhanced technology designdrains the water away from the house and into aRead More

Improvements to Make to Your Deck this Summer

Summer is here and that means your deck is going to see a lot more use. If your boring old deck is in need of a major face-lift this summer, here are some improvements you can make to liven up your deck this summer.   Privacy Lattice   If your deck is in desperately inRead More

Underdeck: Great for Relaxing During Summer

Transform the area below your deck for the ultimate outdoor experience this summer. You can take advantage of this unused space and make it the perfect place to relax during the summer.   Your custom-made Under Deck System by RainAway can be an extension to your pool area, dining room and even living room withRead More