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Add To Your Outdoor Living Space

If you have a beautiful deck, but need help with the unsightly space underneath, RainAway has the best solution. For many homeowners, their deck underneath may have water-stained cross boards and cobwebs. Our underdeck system can transform the ugly, unused space under your deck into an outdoor living area that’s clean and enjoyable, without costlyRead More

Factors to Consider in Designing a Deck

Choosing the right material Design and location are two of the most important factors to consider before deciding on your deck but choosing the right material is another key factor. There are different materials to choose from in designing a deck including wood, vinyl and plastic. Consider the environment where your home is before decidingRead More

How to Prepare Your Deck for Winter

As we’re flying through fall, now is the perfect time to think about winterizing your deck. If properly maintained, your deck can last through many years of spring and summer enjoyment. If neglected, however, you might find that a rough winter has left your deck rotted, weak, and unusable. The pros at RainAway have collectedRead More

Start Planning Your Dream Deck in Fall with RainAway

Summer is officially coming to a close – And while there’s still plenty of time to enjoy your favorite summertime activities, it’s not exactly the right time to start a major home renovation. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get an early start on planning your dream deck. There are many benefits of planning yourRead More

3 Great Additions for Your Underdeck This Summer

Summer is here and it’s time to enjoy your underdeck space. If your underdeck living space is looking bare, or you’re looking to convert the storage space into your dream outdoor room, here are some additions that can change that. Outdoor sectional One of the essential parts of an outdoor room is that there isRead More

Keep Cool This Summer, Install an Underdeck System

Summer is just around the corner and that means you get to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities. However, summer also means scorching temperatures and exposure harmful UV rays. While an umbrella or awning is a great way to stay cool outside, the space under your second-story deck is far better for beating the summer heat.Read More

Improvements to Make to Your Deck this Summer

Summer is here and that means your deck is going to see a lot more use. If your boring old deck is in need of a major face-lift this summer, here are some improvements you can make to liven up your deck this summer.   Privacy Lattice   If your deck is in desperately inRead More

What Makes RainAway Under Deck Systems Different?


RainAway Under Deck Systems has been creating dry spaces under second story decks for over 20 years in the Atlanta Metro Area. But aside from our experience, why choose RainAway over other Under Deck Systems? Having been in the industry since it’s inception since 1995, we have researched and tested just about every possible avenueRead More

RainAway Under Deck Systems

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